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Winner, winner…

15 Jun

One of the really cool things about the Internet is that I get to interact with people like me. And now you’re thinking:


Seriously, though, it’s pretty sweet. Since I don’t live in one of the major opera metropolises (that day’s a-comin’ soon), I have to stay updated on all the Great Operatic Goings-On somehow. And given the recent Opera News/Metropolitan Opera debacle, it’s safe to say that I feel¬†mostcomfortable getting my information from THE PEOPLE. You know, the people whose butts are actually in the seats.

the people, who occasionally look like this

The “people” in this case being other musicians, music-lovers, and bloggers like myself. All jokes aside, I don’t merely read other music blogs to get an unfiltered idea of what’s going on in The Business, I read them to learn about other singers’ journeys in this admittedly wacky, beautiful, and sometimes horribly unfair world. So, yeah, I get something out of it. The path to success in the music world is as individual as a fingerprint, and I’m grateful to be able to shake hands–if only virtually–with others.


My name was chosen at A Liberal’s Libretto for a nifty little Naxos America prize package, pictured here:

I don’t particularly have the money to buy opera DVDs.. or opera CDs, let’s be real, so FREE STUFF! FREE OPERA! FREE ART SONG! is welcome. Thanks to James (and Naxos America) for hooking me up with Simon Boccanegra (featuring Placido Domingo and Anja Harteros), a Szymanowski opera I’m excited to dig into (King Roger), and baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s Rachmaninoff album.

So.. today, I’m a winner. Pardon me while I clutch my trophies.