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Holiday Horror

29 Nov

I’m going to be real, dear Reader. I’m stressed.

So stressed I want to tear my hair out. Most of this is self-inflicted stress, in all actuality–between the papers I’ve procrastinated, summer program applications I’ve shoved aside, the engagements to which I’ve committed myself, impending next semester auditions (one of which is tonight) and my general Overcommitment Syndrome, I’ve not left myself much room for relaxation in these last few weeks before Christmas break.

Thankfully, I’m not alone in my extreme anxiety. Campus is covered by a palpable tension–a little black rain cloud of procrastination, if you will. Pretty much everyone within a three-mile radius is just as stressed as I am. So, why am I not comforted?

These next three weeks always turn out to be my favorite of the semester, strangely enough. Everyone finds time to sit and enjoy the company of good friends despite the craziness. I have no doubt that this semester will shape up to be like the last three push-to-Christmas semesters I’ve experienced since being in college.

But for now? If you see me, hand me a cup of chai tea. I could use it.



24 Nov

Not going to lie, y’all, I have some really Mixed Feelings about the whole…Thanksgiving…thing. It seems sort of Against the Holiday Spirit to me that the original celebration of Thanksgiving led to the systematic subjugation and physical slaughter of almost an entire people. That whole idea doesn’t scream cornucopias and mashed potatoes, but I digress.That isn’t what this post is about.

On this day, I’d like to remind myself that I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. Among the many gifts I can count:

1) The ability to sing. Every day. Singing is hard and scary and frequently frustrating, but it is truly everything to me and I can’t imagine my life without it.

2) The opportunity to study singing and music at one of the best schools in the country, with who I am convinced is the best voice teacher in the world.

3) This semester, I got to be in a show with some of the best people ever. I’m thankful for that opportunity. I’m thankful for ANY opportunity to perform and show the world what I love.

curtain call at CINDERELLA

4) This goes without saying, but I’ve got some of the Best Friends in the Entire Universe. Them’s good folks, y’all. They put up with my neuroses and idiosyncrasies. They make me laugh. They make me think. I love them so.

5) I could devote a whole post to this, but MY MOM. The most wonderfully supportive mom I could ever ask for. I feel like a lot of people say that, but I can’t imagine that everyone’s got a mom like mine. I am never afraid to tell her anything about anything. She’s got advice for days. I’d like to think I get my good looks from her, too, yanno?

I’ll stop there because the sentimentality is killing me. But before I go:

grateful, grateful
truly grateful i am
grateful, grateful
truly blessed
and duly grateful