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October in Review

31 Oct

Has it really been over a month since I’ve updated? Oops!

Since we last spoke, dear Reader, I’ve battled through midterms, eaten a lot of great food, and accomplished a few singing goals I’ve been itchin’ to complete.

My most notable October moment came early in the month. I ventured up to Tulsa with a few of my friends and studio-mates to see our studio alumna Sarah Coburn as Rosina in Rossini’s BARBER OF SEVILLE. My first staged Rossini opera experience was a success! There’s something infectious about Rossini–something almost effervescent that made my stomach bubble with butterflies the entire evening.

Sarah, of course, was sublime. She perfectly embodied the fiery, feisty Rosina–characteristics I want to bring to my portrayal of the Countess! Her singing? Stunning. What a gorgeous, gorgeous voice.

My friends and I stayed behind after the show to meet her. She is, after all, one of us!

She gave some great advice, too–when she found out we were undergraduate students (as opposed to our mature graduate voice counterparts), she exclaimed “be patient, be patient!” It’s something so hard to remember but that is absolutely vital to singers. Patience. I think I must have made someone mad in a past life in order to want to be a singer in this one… she or he is definitely trying to teach me patience through this art. I’ve got to keep chugging along, bit by bit.

“Chugging along” has been a recurring theme this month. If someone had told me in high school that I would, in college, transform into a student who completed tasks little by little over periods of time rather than procrastinating the entirety of projects until the last minute, I probably would have laughed that person out of the room. Unfortunately for the procrastinators of the world, too many important skills in singing are built gradually rather than all at once. I will learn to sing perfect scales, but not all in one night. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? My voice won’t be, either. I’ve got to be patient and chug, chug, chug along.

I’ve had a few musical rough days. Days where my practice room is a little torture chamber. Sure.

But: a little work everyday and who can even begin to imagine the potential results?

All things (and midterms) considered, it’s been pretty smooth sailing in October. Fall weather is here to stay and I couldn’t be happier. Hello, sweaters and pajama pants! I’ve missed sleeping in a jacket.

What’s on the schedule for November? My 21st birthday, for one, within the first week! I’m also going to be performing the role of Queen Constantina in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA. Recital season is starting, which means I’m a happy camper– and of course, I’m going to get to go home to see my mom and a few wonderful cats for Thanksgiving.

Not bad, all in all! See you on the other side of this month.